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#ZOOM – Our choice in the field of pressure transmitters


#ZOOM - Our choice in the field of pressure transmitters


Today, exactly one week later, it’s time to present to you our second release of our #ZOOM project.

Today we present a component that is very useful for measuring the system pressure of our machines. We are talking about the ifm brand transmitter which, thanks to its precise linear 4…20 mA output signal & high repeatability and low linearity error, it guarantees us a great performance and durability over time.

We would like to point out that the entire #ZOOM project would have not been possible without the help of our loyal suppliers, who provided us with the material to carry out this initiative. We therefore thank the entire ifm team, in particular Arianna Caputo, Simone Pavan and Daniela Petronio for the help shown.

Open the article and scroll to the bottom to see some unpublished shots of the pressure transducers mounted on our machines…