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TSVE 1000 NN
Flexible Pipes

The test bench TSVE 1000 NN allows you to carry out tests to determine the volumetric expansion on flexible pipes reaching the pressure of tests in accordance with the following standards: ISO6801 – ASTM D380.

The connection system consists of two blocks, one of which is fixed and the other slides on a special guide capable of containing the stresses deriving from the test pressures.

Pressurization is achieved with a hand pump; the speed of the pressure ramp depends on the operator's actuation speed and on the volumetric expansion of the pipe under test. The machine is equipped with a battery-operated digital pressure gauge for displaying the test pressure. The structure of the test bench is entirely made of stainless steel.

The machine is equipped with two tanks, one for containing the test fluid and one for recovering the fluid. The evaluation of the volumetric expansion of the component under test is made possible by visual reading of the liquid in a graduated burette.


• Maximum test pressure: 1000 bar
• Pipes allowed: from 3/16” to 2”
• Pipe length: max 1700 mm
• Flow rates:
- 50 cm3/lever operation up to 35 bar
- 2 cm3/lever operation up to maximum pressure
• Manifold connection: 1/2” BSPP
• Set of burettes to cover the various measurement ranges
• Test chamber dimensions: 1800x350x120 mm (h; l; p)
• F.S. battery-powered digital pressure gauge. 1000 bar, cl. 0,1% F.S.
• Analogue pressure gauge F.S. 1000 bars, cl. 0,1% F.S.
• Test liquid: demineralized water


• Lock on the protective door of the test chamber
• Test chamber door with polycarbonate inspection window


• No power is required


• Graphic survey software pressure trend on PC
• Special adapters