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Trust in Our Expertise and Efficient Team

How We Carry Out


ALIAUTO carry out overhaul and test on hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors of many different types with the largest displacement currently on the market. Our expertise allows us to offer a repair service that is suitable for every problem.

Upon receipt, Units are checked, sorted and coded. Customer is contacted by our sales department to understand the degree of urgency and the reasons for the non-functioning. Our production department is informed of the reasons for the non-functioning and disassembles the unit to assess the problem. It also takes into consideration the worn components that must be replaced.

Quotation is prepared after the technician has checked the wear of the unit components to be repaired and transmitted the list of spare parts to be replaced and works to be performed. ALIAUTO is also a point of reference for consultancy: specialized technicians “diagnose” the type of failure and its seriousness and precisely inform the customer of the situation, attaching the repair plan and the related quote.

Warehouse checks the availability of the components. The sales department draws up a quote, listing the material to be replaced and a brief report of the causes of breakage. Everything is sent to the customer by fax or e-mail.

The customer accepts the order in writing. Quotes are never agreed upon on the phone. The order confirmation with the delivery date of the repaired unit is prepared and sent to the customer.

Material to be replaced is taken from the warehouse. Cleaning and reassembly of the unit following the standard procedures of the OEM. In order to achieve maximum reliability and precision, we are equipped with lapping machines, grinding machines and lathe, based on the work that the component will have to carry out.

Unit testing through predefined tables of the OEM. The experience gained over more than 10 years of activity in the field of pumps and hydraulic motors overhaul has allowed us to design and build a New Test Room. This test room is our strength, thanks to our excellent Control and Data Acquisition systems of the unit under test and to our software, which is specifically designed for our needs.

Tests can be: STATIC, DYNAMIC or FUNCTIONAL and is carried out with a test bench. We are able to issue a detailed test report. Thanks to the versatility and power of this new system, we are able to test many different types of pumps and motors with the largest displacement currently on the market, providing the customer with a real guarantee on the operation of the unit after the repair. All data and values ​​detected during testing are recorded and a certificate is issued and attached to the repaired unit.

Unit is dried, washed from the residual oil from the test and prepared for shipping. Because of the high cost and importance of the components, great care is given to the packaging phase.


We repair and test the main hydraulic and mechanical components for the following sectors: earthmoving, agriculture, industrial, shipbuilding, railways, goods handling.

Thanks to our expert, qualified, reliable and fast service, we are a sure point of reference for many operators in the industrial, shipbuilding and operating machines sectors. Our company is constantly growing, therefore we are committed to maintaining the flexibility necessary to guarantee a timely and customized service that must be suitable for the needs of each individual customer.

With our brand new Test Bench, we are able to test all types of hydraulic pumps and motors (Bosch Rexroth, Hydromatik, Danfoss, Linde, Denison, Hmt, Poclain Hydraulics, Eaton, Parker, Kawasaki, Staffa, Sai), valve blocks controls, valves, SERVOVALVES and hydraulic cylinders.

An efficient modern mechanical workshop with CNC and traditional machine tools.
Workshop equipped with lapping machines, grinding machines and tools.
Dimensional check of internal components and we also check their wear condition.
We replace or overhaul the elements that do not fall within the tolerances prescribed by the manufacturer of the unit being repaired or overhauled.
Only use original spare parts.
Static, dynamic and functional tests of the components with our Test Bench with Test Report.
We can test hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, hydraulic cylinders and complete power packs in order to analyze their efficiency.
Overhaul is always covered by a 12-month warranty. After this period the assistance service continues at the customer’s request.

Dynamic and Functional


Thanks to the experience gained in the field of hydraulic repairs, after many years of activity, Aliauto has created an efficient and versatile test bench for its workshop. It is unique for features, performance and installed power and it is used for the functional test of pumps and hydraulic motors.

Control and data acquisition are constant during testing, thanks to a software specifically designed for our needs. During testing we can also simulate the harshest and most severe working conditions of the unit. Because of these features, our test room is our strength.

The versatility and flexibility of this new bench, we are able to test pumps and hydraulic motors of many different types currently on the market. After the repair we provide the customer with a real guarantee on the operation of the unit. At the end of the test we enclose a test certificate that certifies the conformity of the testing methodology adopted. Our repairs are always covered by a 12 month guarantee; after this period, the assistance service continues at the customer’s request.