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NEXTERBOX a brand of Aliauto Italia S.r.l. © 2024

We deal with the design and construction of “turnkey” test benches, software development and data acquisition for static, dynamic and fatigue tests. Hydraulic tests, component tests and leak tests. The needs of our customers are very varied and for every need we are able to find the best solution. We are in fact able to develop unique and innovative software thanks to sophisticated, dedicated, reliable and simple systems. Based on the specific characteristics of each machine, our specialized staff develops unique and innovative solutions, always keeping in mind reliability and ease of use. The result is a combination of use, versatility and high performance.

Software Development

& Data Acquisition

We are expert in the development of customized electronic boards and softwares for data acquisition, industrial automation, control and supervision of industrial processes. All test benches and systems produced by Aliauto are equipped with Nexterbox.



The Nexterbox Software, designed and studied for our test benches, boasts ease of use, its possibility of customization and its flexibility. In fact, it boasts adaptability based on the needs of the machines on which it is installed.



The hardware of Nexterbox is designed and developed by Aliauto. It can be considered as the heart of the whole Nexterbox system. Making this system incomparable, in its kind, for flexibility and possibility of use.



Thanks to the use of a web interface, Nexterbox allows simultaneous access by multiple users, always with different devices. The system is also able to manage different levels of use based on authorization levels, which are always tracked and recorded.



The main application of the Nexterbox system is on Aliauto’s test benches: for service, end line for products validation and endurance. Its installation is however possible on any machine or test system.

Testing management is carried out via the NEXTERBOX system installed on an industrial PC integrated into the machine structure. The widely customizable NEXTERBOX software with Web system allows you to configure and archive running-in and testing programs, programming on a time basis the parameters such as pressure or RPM that you intend to reach during the testing program. The testing procedures are carried out automatically, the execution is controlled via the monitor display. It is also possible to view and modify all previously set programs, thus allowing the management and control of all the main test parameters. The traceability of the tested products can be managed by acquiring the serial number present on the unit being tested; batches and identification codes can also be managed.

Test Report & Logger

The test bench is able to automatically save and issue a customizable test certificate for each unit that has been subjected to testing, which contains both the personal data and the main parameters detected and the their trend such as pressure, RPM and temperature. These certificates can then be exported in PDF and/or CSV format. The program also allows the storage of the test logger file with all parameters, alarms and events. The system can be monitored and programmed from any workstation that has access to the company network, allowing multi-user testing control. The PC is also designed for updating programs, configurations, monitoring and resolving any malfunctions.