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Software ValveExpert

All our hydraulic test stands series ValveExpert have got an intuitively clear software. Operator works with a powerful Virtual Hydraulic Laboratory on a touch-screen monitor. o special knowledges are required. The program ValveExpert has two modes of operation: Manual and Automatic. Hydraulic circuit of the stand can be reconfigured by one mouse click. All the gauges, multimeters, and controls can be simply calibrated and adjusted. Flow prediction system, different pressure compensations, programmable PID regulators and many other tools are built in the software. Extremely powerful mathematical analysis helps to get very precise data and analyse any hydraulic problem your valve. Set of special tools cardinally simplifies the adjustment process. The printout forms of the test results can be simply redesign by customer for each type of valves and meet any specific requirements. Multi-level alarm system protects the operator from risky conditions and informs if service is required.