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Our production process involves highly qualified personnel from both Aliauto and our selected suppliers. These workers take care of the welding of the carpentry structures; important mechanical processes, to make components such as hydraulic blocks and transmission components, which require very high levels of precision; of the treatment to which all the components subject to greater wear are subjected. Treatments that guarantee the same levels of precision and reliability during all the years of service of our machines, allowing reducing maintenance costs at the same time.


Aliauto carefully and directly takes care of the assembly of each of its Test Benches and Equipment’s, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, while ensuring at the same time an unparalleled attention to all details, all this allows us to combine in each machine built by us very high performance, safety and ease of use.

Launch and Testing

All the Test Benches and Equipments designed and produced by Aliauto are subjected to a complete functional test before delivery in the presence of the customer; in this phase all, its components are tested in order to verify the complete functionality of the machines.


Aliauto considers training very important, both for practical and safety reasons; The customer must know our machines from day one. For these reasons, a training course is always provided during the installation of the machine, supporting and training the customer to its use from the first moment.

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