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The NEXTERBOX system is a communication and management network installed inside Aliauto’s Test Benches Is composed by a motherboard with communication card (Ethernet, Can Bus, RS485 and USB). The system can manage until eight expansion modules and encoder cards.

NEXTERBOX can manage or generate the followings signals 0-32 v / + -10V / 0-20 mA / IO-link.
The system has a customizable web user interface, easy and intuitive to use.
That can manage multiple accesses at multiple levels through operator identification.

Discover Nexterbox connectivity


The software is designed for the application on Test Benches and Automatic Machines. Its main features are: ease of use, its possibility of customization and its flexibility, based on the needs of the machines on which it is installed.


The hardware of Nexterbox is designed and developed by Aliauto. It can be considered as the heart of the whole Nexterbox system. Making this system incomparable, in its kind, for flexibility and possibility of use.


Thanks to the use of a web interface, Nexterbox allows simultaneous access by multiple users, always with different devices. The system also can manage different levels of use based on different levels of authorizations, always tracked and recorded.


The main application of the Nexterbox system is on Aliauto’s test benches: for service, end line for products validation and endurance. However, its installation is possible in any machine with automation and monitoring managed by plc and dedicated software.

NEXTERBOX a brand of Aliauto Italia S.r.l. © 2023

ALIAUTO is a dynamic company at the forefront in the design and manufacturing of functional test benches and high-tech hydraulic systems.

All test benches and systems produced by Aliauto are equipped with NEXTERBOX.