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Italians Do It Better


ALIAUTO is a dynamic company at the forefront in the design and manufacturing of functional test stand and high-tech hydraulic systems. We also provide a punctual and precise service on hydraulic systems and overhaul of hydraulic units.

Our greatest value is our expertise and our aim is customer satisfaction.

We offer our expertise in hydraulics to our customers. We design and supply high added-value functional and hydraulic testing systems, based on our customers’ needs.
Clarity, effectiveness, planning and control of processes are fundamental qualities of our way of working. We always want to find a growth opportunity for us and our customers in every experience we make. We firmly believe that this is what we must do in order to make Aliauto a benchmark in testing.

What We


Design and production of functional Test Benches for any kind of hydraulic product, assembly lines and equipment for special applications installed on industrial plants and mobile machines.

Manufacturing, Service and Assistance of high-tech hydraulic systems and components.

Sale, supply and modification of hydraulic and mechanical pumps, motors, control valve blocks, power packs.

Consultancy and planning for the construction or modification of plants, machines and systems.

Development, design, manufacturing and industrialization of special machines, prototypes and equipment.

Software Development

and Data Acquisition

Our customers needs are the most varied and we are able to find the best solution for every need. ALIAUTO is able to develop unique and innovative softwares thanks to sophisticated, dedicated and reliable and simple systems.

Based on the specific features of each machine and product, our specialized staff develops unique and innovative solutions. And we always keep in mind reliability and user friendliness. The result is the combination of use, versatility and high performance, which is particularly appreciated by our customers.

We are expert in the development of customized electronic boards and softwares for data acquisition, industrial automation, control and supervision of industrial processes. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to advise our customers on the answers needed to perform quality tests. Our expertise is certified and constantly evolving. This is also due to the creation of a highly qualified work team dealing with electronic boards and data acquisition, management and control systems.