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Aliauto enters the China Market 🤝



On the occasion of the Hannover fair, Aliauto travelled to Germany to strike an agency agreement with the Chinese company Loneking, who will be in charge of selling our machines all over the Chinese territory 🤝 A very special thanks to Loneking 坤为液压技术(上海)有限公司 and especially to its CEO Kun Zhang for believing in us and for choosing us to take this journey together.

Thanks to this new agreement, Aliauto is increasingly establishing itself as a brand in the international arena when it comes to the design and production of hydraulic test benches.

  • Loneking, which core business is based on well-known brands of hydraulic components and parts sales, hydraulic system design and production, hydraulic maintenance and technical services of professional companies, will help us to enter the market thanks to his knowledge of the sector and of the territory;
  • Aliauto will focus in producing test benches tailored to the specifications and requirements of the Asian market, expanding its product range and possible customizations.
“In light of this new accord, our idea of international expansion is gaining ground; in truth, we are going beyond national and European 
borders, and we are trying to make ourselves known on other continents, including Asia” states the CEO of Aliauto Italia, Matteo Pinca.
“Our main focus now is to better structure and organize the sales structure and the internal management in order to ensure that the company's growth trajectory is properly beared”.